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cat-pun asked:
you mentioned that following those two blogs would give five more entries. do we have to tell you if we follow them? or will you just check ? sorry if thats a dumb question ;v;

No, you dont have to tell me. 

I will check it by myself and give you five more entries. :3

Its not dumb at all!


Strawberry ❀ Rose ❀ Cake



So this is my second giveaway and im so excited (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

You can win 

~  a black cute wing bag 

~ a cute rilakkuma pyjama (please tell me your size)

~ a alpacasso ( you can choose from 4 colors blue , pink , white and rainbow)

Its 53 cm large

~ One wig with ponytails (please choose your color)

Rules :

~ mbf me ( i will check)

~ Reblog as many times as you want (for multiple entries) , likes count too

~ i ship international 

~ no giveaway or side blogs

~ Winner will be choosen by

~ Ends on August , 30th

~ The Giveaway will only count if the notes hit 3k

Good luck everyone! :3

EDIT : If you follow this and this blog will get 5 more entries.


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